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Date: 12th 5 月 2022
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Mildred Van Beelan - Feenstra joins Box of Hope as Chief Operating Officer

希望之箱自豪地宣布任命 Mildred Van Beelen – Feenstra 自 2022 年 1 月 1 日起擔任首席運營官。


希望之箱首席執行官 Sian Taylor 說:「我們已經到了真正需要有人正式管理我們的運營並在行政上為我們的年度 Box Drive 活動做好準備的階段。 Mildred 多年來一直是我們的志願者,負責組織我們的物流、財務和一般業務,所以真的是完美的人選!我們代表我們的董事會祝願她一切順利。」

About Box of Hope

Box of Hope began in 2008 when two Mothers, Nicole Woodhouse and Harriet Cleverly, had the desire to teach their children about the concept of child poverty. 
What began as a family project has grown into a huge initiative where we collected over 33,000 boxes in 2022.  

Box of Hope creation


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