The social landscape in Hong Kong has changed somewhat and there is a growing number of emerging NGOs supporting children and families in need.  Each year, we are presented with an alarmingly large number of requests from the charities we support, for boxes for teenagers, ages 11-15.  In 2022, the number exceeded 11,000 and we struggled to satisfy the requirement.


We are aware that many of your students will have grown up supporting Box of Hope through their Pre and Primary school years.  Support from teens in Secondary tends to wean off, but we would very much like to extend the opportunity for their involvement, by organising their own campaign to support less fortunate teen peers in the HK community. 

Our projects are a great way for your students to continue their support for Box of Hope whilst ticking off one of their CAS projects.

CAS Experiences (short project)

Collection Drive

Each year, we find that donations of hygiene items and stationery for teenagers fall short in supply. Through school ‘house’ structures, students could collect specific items, inciting a bit of inter-house competition on total items collected!

Box Quality Checking

Once all boxes have bee

n collected at your school, it would be a huge help to have your students check them to ensure they contain the correct items, and if not, be adjusted appropriately.  This operation can be made into a larger project, done in collaboration with your Primary school.

Fund Raising

Students can use their own ideas on how to raise money for Box of Hope – be it a bake sale or stall at a school fair, for example.

CAS Major Project

The larger project supports the running the BoH campaign in your school, thus bringing our project to life!

Run an awareness campaign

Create interest in school/community for students and their families to participate:

  • Present the campaign through various media to help to promote BoH
  • Ensure that students and their families are aware of key dates and deadlines
  • Celebrate your involvement, whilst reflecting on your achievement and making recommendations for future development

Run the BoH collection at school

  • Be the focus for campaign communication within the school:
  • Coordinate the school’s campaign, with support of the BoH team
  • Set goals for boxes and items to be collected, sharing progress with your school

Of course students can create their own project in supervision of our CAS coordinator.

If you are interested please send an email to

Register your school

Please complete your details below to register your school and main point of contact.  A member of our Schools’ Team will be in touch.

    Words from school Children supporting children in south east asia

    Words from Volunteers Supporting Children Living in Poverty in Southeast Asia

    Volunteering with Box of Hope in checking the box content was a great experience.  It was wonderful to see the array of box content and the efforts that some children had gone to with decorating their boxes for the children who will receive them.  I’m definitely signing up again in 2022.” 

    Meredith, Box Packing Volunteer
    “Box of Hope is super important because a lot of kids around the world don’t get presents for Christmas and their birthdays. So spending a tiny part of your weekend shopping for kids and putting a smile on their faces is really fun.”

    Jonah Shepherd, age 11
    Hong Kong school student

    frequently Asked Questions

    Please visit our schools’ FAQ page, where we’ve tried to come up with answers to questions that you may have.  But if there’s something we’ve left out, please do contact us.

    We’d love to have you on board!  Please complete our Registration Form and someone from our School Liaison Team will be in touch to get your started.

    Our logistics company will gladly collect directly from schools donating over 50 boxes.  But if you have less than 50 boxes, we would still love you to participate and you are welcome to drop your boxes off at one of our designated locations – click here to find out where.


    We are extremely grateful to our sponsors who provide us with the means and support to run Box of Hope, year after year.