Get Involved - Come and volunteer

Get Involved - volunteers

School Team

Join our school team and liaise with a small group of local and international schools in Hong Kong to help them make the most of their Box of Hope campaign.  

Charities Team

Get involved by working alongside the many local and overseas charities that we support and help identify new NGOs that would benefit from our support

Box Checking and Packing

Join our largest volunteering group during our busiest time to help check gift box contents before they are sent onwards to the charities and the children who receive them.  This is a fun and social activity that gives real insight into what goes on at Box of Hope HQ!

Or if you fancy something more physical, join our box packing team in preparing the box cartons before they are sent onwards to their final destinations.

Corporate Volunteer Coordination

Support our Corporate team by coming on board to help organise the teams that join us from our corporate supporters and sponsors

Donations, Donations, Donations

Are you a great organiser and love sorting things into orderly piles?  Fabulous!  We need you. Our ‘reception’ remains busy during our main campaign, and we are always in need of those who love to get properly stuck in, assisting our team with sorting the boxes of donated items that come in.!  


NGOs need funds and we need volunteers to help us raise money to get our gift boxes to the children.  Whether it be hosting events, applying for grants or arranging crowdfunding, your input is much appreciated.

Register to become a Box of Hope volunteer

Many thanks for registering.  A member of our team will be in touch with you soon.

    Words from Children across supporting Charities in Asia

    Words from our Volunteers supporting Children Living in Poverty in Southeast Asia

    Volunteering with Box of Hope in checking the box content was a great experience.  It was wonderful to see the array of box content and the efforts that some children had gone to with decorating their boxes for the children who will receive them.  I’m definitely signing up again in 2022.” 

    Meredith, Box Packing Volunteer
    “Box of Hope is super important because a lot of kids around the world don’t get presents for Christmas and their birthdays. So spending a tiny part of your weekend shopping for kids and putting a smile on their faces is really fun.”

    Jonah Shepherd, age 11
    Hong Kong school student

    frequently Asked Questions

    Please visit our  volunteers’ FAQ page, where we’ve tried to come up with answers to questions that you may have.  But if there’s something we’ve left out, please do contact us.

    If you volunteered with us in 2021, then your contact details will already be in our database.  We will send you an email in Autumn 2022 to see if you are interested in volunteering with us again.   

    If you did not volunteer with us in 2021, and would like to this year, then please register with us to add your contact details to our database.  We will be in touch with you in Autumn 2022 to arrange the volunteering sessions.

    All volunteers must be aged 18 years and over and must have signed up to the session before the day.  We cannot accommodate walk-ins.  

    Yes please!! We are always in need of notebooks, pencils, sharpeners, soft toys and face cloths.

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    We are extremely grateful to our sponsors who provide us with the means and support to run Box of Hope, year after year.