box of Hope story

Our story

Box of Hope began in 2008 when two mothers, Nicole Woolhouse and Harriet Cleverly, had the desire to teach their children about the concept of child poverty. This has developed into the simple act of packing a box of gifts and essential items for a child who doesn’t have what other children have.

What began as a family project has grown into a huge initiative where we collected over 41,232 boxes in 2023.

Children love supporting other children, and we aim to bring joy to those children who truly need it.


Our mission is two-fold. Firstly, we bring the gift of joy to children living in challenging circumstances, who would not normally receive gifts during the festive period. In doing so, we believe we can work with schools and families to educate children about poverty and the impact it has on families who live within extremely limited means.

As the wealth gap in Hong Kong continues to widen, it becomes increasingly important for children to appreciate their own situation and learn that not all children have equal opportunities.

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our impact

We know from our partnerships with the charities that the work we do makes a difference.  The children feel respected, included and grateful for being thought of by others.  Receiving the boxes and sharing the contents with their friends and siblings, brings them a little joy.


You create a box of hope


Take it to a drop off location


We sort, pack and send to underprivileged Children


Together we will bring joy to children in need

Our Team

We work round the year, planning and organising to make sure we can bring the very best to children who most deserve it.

Majority run by volunteers, we each bring our skills (be it organising, finance or tea making!) and, most importantly, time together to create a wholly fulfilling experience for all involved.

Mildred van Beelen, our COO, steers us through all that we do and with the guidance of our board, we aim to extend our mission and our message throughout Hong Kong.

Most importantly, our team needs you and we gladly welcome volunteer involvement and new members to our team.

Please do get in touch.

our values

Our values constitute the grassroots of what we do. Through these, we aim to spread our message throughout our communities, so that people know exactly what we stand for.


In working with local schools in Hong Kong, we strive to teach children about the hardships and heartbreak of child poverty and how they can make a difference.


We reach out to our local community – schools, individuals, and businesses – to help us strengthen and extend our programme

Equal opportunities for children

Every child deserves to experience the joy of receiving a gift, no matter their background or living conditions.

Together we bring joy

Boxes shared with children since 2008
Hong Kong schools & Kindergartens involved in 2023
Charities supported in 2023
Volunteers gave time in 2023

Lisa Beattie, CEO

It is so rewarding to lead an NGO that brings happiness to so many people – from those that generously donate boxes of gifts, to the children that receive them.  We believe that we are a valued, kindness-based organisation and owe our success to the passion and commitment of our team, and support of the Hong Kong community at large.  Our aim for the future is to continue to bring moments of joy to those who deserve it the most.  We know that small acts of kindness can make a big impact.

Impact report and financial statement

We strive to be as transparent as possible, on our finance, operations and sustainability goals.  As an NGO, our survival exists upon the generosity of our sponsors, donations in kind and financial donations from the public. 

How you can get involved


Empower your pupils to bring the joy of festive giving to those less fortunate


Join us to help bring a smile to a child’s face


Spread the festive spirit in your organisation by supporting your local community

Make an impact

Your support is powerful

frequently Asked Questions

Can’t wait to get involved, but need a bit more information?  Please browse the sections of our FAQs to find out all you need to know!

Please check the drop off locations here from end September 2023.

Please note that we only have our temporary & donated office space for a very short term, so unfortunately we are unable to receive boxes after the deadline.

Indeed you can – please click here.

Ideally, boxes should be around 30cm x 19cm x 10cm – roughly the size of an adult shoe box. We kindly ask that you don’t use boxes that are oversized or too small!


We are extremely grateful to our sponsors who provide us with the means and support to run Box of Hope, year after year.